It’s a restless world out there. A new poll from Monster says that 89 percent of job-seekers would consider a career change in order to find work.

Monster’s poll asked 22,444 visitors to its sites in the U.S., Canada and Europe. Just 47 percent of respondents were from the U.S.; the majority were from Europe, dominated by Germany, France and Spain.

Almost 50 percent said they were in active pursuit of a career change; 11 percent said they’d consider a career change because of a lack of jobs in their current industry. And 22 percent chose “Maybe, I need to take the first job I can get.”

Fourteen percent of U.S. workers were the least likely to seek a career change, and are not currently planning to look outside their respective industries for employment opportunities. Twelve percent or less of participating poll respondents in most of the other countries felt this way as well.

“Changing careers, especially during difficult economic times, can be an empowering decision. Those struggling to find employment in their current industry could use this time to consider pursuing their passions or think about retraining,” said Norma Gaffin, director of content for “The current economic climate may have forced the hand of many jobseekers, and for anyone looking to make a career change, Monster provides Career tools like Career Mapping, to help guide seekers with advice on how to understand their options and build a career path.”