September was the first month since April to show a U.S.-wide decline in online postings for managerial jobs, according to the CareerCast / JobSerf Employment Index.

The September decline tracks with the trend reported on Monday by The Conference Board.

However, Baltimore, Dallas, San Francisco, and Milwaukee saw a gain in management job listings, according to the / JobSerf index. Miami, Los Angeles, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh recorded the biggest month-over drops among major metro areas.

Nationally, the index fell to 68.4, an 11.4-point loss from August. The decline was attributed in part to a late Labor Day, which resulted in a delay of the transition from the end of summer into fall hiring. While the September decline was substantial, it was 65 percent better than April’s index of 41.4.

Bottom line: Taken as an average, the market for manager-level jobs has improved since April, but not quite as quickly we’d like. 

“It’s disappointing that the steady improvement we’d been seeing disappeared in September,” said Tony Lee, publisher, “While some cities continue to show improvement, it’s rarely smart for job candidates to relocate to another market simply because they hope their job prospects will improve. The ‘grass is always greener‘ approach typically doesn’t pay off.”

Hiring for C-Level jobs dropped dramatically, going from an index value of 90 in August to 63 in September. VP-Level positions and director-Level positions fared about the same, with a loss of 12  points. Managerial-level jobs showed the smallest decrease (9).

“Until we can compare data for October, we won’t know if a new trend is emerging,” said Jay Martin, JobSerf’s chairman. “However, when you look at the employment situation across the U.S., unemployment rates have increased to a 26-year high, and may soon surpass the 10 percent mark.”

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