In the 12 months to June 30, Germany’s top real estate portal, was the biggest revenue-earner of all real estate portals worldwide, followed closely by U.S.-based, according to The Chinese portal was the third-biggest revenue-generator in the period, the consultancy said…

PropertyPortalWatch published its list of the Top 25 revenue-generating real estate portals in the world on its Web site.

Twelve of the 25 portals on the list are European – three each from Germany (, and, France (,, and the U.K. (,,, two from Spain (, and one from The Netherlands ( Ten of the 25 portals are American, two Australian and one is based in China.

The top five sites are all leaders in their respective markets, all generated more than U.S.$100 million in the 12-month period, and all are profitable, according to PropertyPortalWatch.

To ensure an apples-with-apples comparison, PropertyPortalWatch only looked at the advertising-related revenues earned by the portals – and not the businesses that own them. The research  stripped out, as far as was possible, revenues for ancillary services such as secondary sites (eg. revenue of for Rightmove), Web-development services, software (eg. revenue earned by Pericles for Seloger) and print revenue.

ImmobilienScout24’s annual revenue was calculated at $147 million and Realtor’s at $145 million. The bottom seven on the Top 25 list all generated annual revenues below $20 million. Probably most interesting, was the fact that a “humble” annual revenue of $15 million was still good enough to make No. 21 in the world in the year to June.

PropertyPortalWatch —  run by Simon Baker, former CEO for the REA Group in Australia — said it had assembled the list from publically available information, interviews, market guesstimates and internal analysis. “Where we were unable to source the exact revenue numbers for the 12 months ending 30 June 2009, we estimated them using interviews and outside-in analysis of the businesses.”  A few “potential candidates” for the list were ignored due to a lack of information, eg. and, the consultancy said.

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