CareerBuilder Sweden is kicking off a major TV advertising campaign with its sponsorship of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa qualifiers on Saturday, Oct. 10. Through this sponsorship, is helping to bring the highly anticipated “Sweden versus Denmark” game to Swedish TV. The company’s overall campaign, which will run through mid-December, is designed to deliver more traffic and greater visibility to’s corporate clients.

“While many companies have scaled back on marketing in this tough economic time, CareerBuilder is focused on investing in our clients,” said Anders Selvehed, managing director of CareerBuilder Sweden. “Sponsoring high-profile events and TV shows is part of our strategy to attract the largest and most diverse range of job candidates to the jobs on our site. Employers get the added benefit of heightened exposure and job seekers are able to quickly connect with opportunities across all industries and job types.”

Sweden’s unemployment rate has risen to 8 percent as the country works toward recovering from one of the steepest downturns affecting economies around the world. 

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