Krone Multimedia, the Vienna-based subsidiary of Austrian media group Krone Verlag, launched a new vertical classifieds platform called The German media group WAZ Mediengruppe holds a 49.5 percent stake in Krone Verlag and is co-founder of the classifieds platform operator with two other German media groups Georg von Holtzbrinck and Dr. Ippen.
.. hosts a job portal, automobile portal, real estate portal and a mixed free-listings portal.With the exception of the real estate portal, listing on all the other portals is free to private individuals. Professionals pay nominal amounts to list, with the exception of the job portal, where listing is free to all.

Income is mostly generated with enhancement services to the basic listing: i.e. for placing a link in the listing, printing the listing in bold letters and adding color, adding a video and placing a listing at the top of the results page for seven days. Another income source is traditional advertising.

Here the detailed fee structure in a nutshell: a private individual list jobs, automobiles and small ads at no cost, and pays €12.40 for a listing on the real estate portal. The professional seller pays €2.40, €2.40, €19.90 and zero euro for a listing on the small ad, automobile, real estate and job portals respectively. To place a link in a listing on the small ad, auto and real estate portals costs an additional €1 per listing, while a link in a job ad costs €9. To show a listing in bold typeface costs €1.90 extra on all channels, with the exception of jobs, where it costs €24. To place a video in a listing is free everywhere, with the exception of the job portal, where it costs €99. To place the listing at the top of the results page for 7 days costs €9.90 on the small ad and auto portals, €29.90 on the real estate portal and €49 on the job portal.

The job portal currently has about 8,000 listings, the auto portal 17,268 listings and the real estate portal 19,500 listings. Krone Multimedia operates a number of portals, including, Austria’s leading online daily newspaper, according to the ÖWA.