Classified Ventures’, an Internet listing service that matches rental home property management advertisers with renter prospects, is using ATG’s eStara Call Tracking service and reporting a rise in inbound, tenant inquiries. The Call Tracking service  allows’s customer landlords, investors, property managers and owners to track the tenant leads received through their advertising campaigns with the online listing service. The technology has reported an 8 percent increase in the number of calls that’s customers have received from the first to the third quarter of this year.

“We partner with more than a thousand different national and local real estate Web sites to ensure that our customers’ properties are easily found when hopeful tenants complete online searches, said Robert Hansen, sales director, in the announcement. “Because our listings are so far-reaching, it’s extremely important that we’re able to monitor where the leads are coming from and share that information with our customers as proven ROI. With Call Tracking, we’re not only able to prove our value to our customers, but they can get a better understanding of what advertising campaigns are working best for their businesses.” Hansen said this tracking tool is even more important now because of the number of new rental homes that are currently available on the market.

Call Tracking monitors and measures inbound phone responses to listings and marketing campaigns, online ads and paid searches. It assigns a unique phone number – either local or toll-free – that rings to the advertiser’s chosen landline or mobile phone.  

In total, has received 162,228 inbound inquiries with this Call Tracking service since the start of 2009. In the first quarter, its customers received 47,882 calls, followed by 54,130 and 60,216, in quarters two and three, respectively. In addition, the number of visitors to the has increased by 45 percent year over year, according to Web analytics.

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