Chrysler Group, which has spent almost no advertising dollars in the last five months, is now committed to $100 for each new vehicle sold in the U.S. excluding fleet for the fourth quarter of 2009. In 2010 the per-vehicle ad spend will jump to $170, and in 2011 to $210. In 2010, therefore, auto classified verticals could vie for more than $1 billion in Chrysler advertising. Automotive News just reported the speech by Chrysler CFO Richard Palmer during the unveiling of the auto manufacturer’s five-year plan.

“Chrysler Group vehicle sales fell 30 percent last month from a year earlier and are down 39 percent this year through October.” CEO Sergio Marchionne told the attendees. “I can give you one reason: The fact that we’ve been incredibly quiet for the last five months, so the marketing positions of all our brands have been incredibly weak.”

Chrysler hopes to rebrand Dodge from rugged to refined and youthful; Jeep from totally off-road to mpg-efficient; and RAM as “old-school macho.” Here’s the Automotive News story.

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