Listings site has outgrown market leader, both in homes for sale ( 199,154 vs. 228,130) and in rental homes ( 71,630 vs. 85,581).



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<span style=”color: #374bc7;”><strong>Want to know more about <a title=”Become a Client” href=””>becoming a client</a>?</strong></span>´s addition of rental homes was fueled by the financial crisis. The site now also offers a platform for home owners who are unable to sell there homes and revert to the rental market. seems to be successful in attacking by adding additional information relating to individual homes, like Google Streetview (available for a limited number of cities) and Wikipedia. plans to continue adding more data, such as noise pollution from nearby roads or air traffic. On top of this development, homes listed on a smaller competitor´s site,, can now also be found on in the main search results. Zuka even publish sales pitches for cheap mortgages.

The question is: does know about this? It seems that have found a backdoor. All Zuka estate agents are members of branch organisation LMV. And all LMV-homes are allowed access to confirm the “co-operation” but it is unclear if is equally thrilled.



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