By Talal Abu Issa

Jordan Cars magazine’s new online portal offers information and services for both Jordan and the Middle East region. The portal was f



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ounded in order to meet the needs and desires of people seeking to acquire cars fitting for their financial, practical and domestic conditions.

The portal has a user-friendly interface suitable for car-shoppers. It offers information about the car model, year of manufacture, engine capacity as well as bargains from free-trade zones, car exhibitions or from other sources. The portal also provides economic and commercial news published regularly on its pages.

JordanCars.netprovides advertising space and announcements pertaining to cars sale, purchases and offers provided by car showroom owners. The contents published on this online resource is viewed by visitors free of charge whereby they can be updated on the latest news of the regional automotive industry by reading the weekly reports published about the car industry in Jordan and the world. Jordan Cars magazine aims to expand its operations so that they meet the demands of the international market.



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