Swedish company FindAds has just launched a service that will help users to find classifieds for used stuff on the Internet. The idea is that not all countries have one dominating actor on the second-hand classified market like Sweden with Schibsted-owned Blocket. Wakazaka.com is to guide users in markets with many classifieds sites for used stuff.

At the moment Wakazaka.com is available in China, Russia, France, Germany, Poland and Japan. According to FindAds the site will be launched step by step in further markets.

AIM Group contacted Darius Stenberg, chairman at FindAds.

There are quite a few aggregators for classifieds out there. What makes Wakazaka unique?

Stenberg: There are indeed a couple of search engines on the market, but mainly in Europe, USA partly in South America. The market is still very young in Asia and East Europe. Wakazaka is for instance first out as a search engine for used stuff in China.

What will make Wakazaka unique is the fact that we will be represented in so many countries and large regions of the world. Later on we want to connect the local sites so that the user will be able to view goods from all around the world. Some goods are cheaper in specific countries and the user will see this information. We also want to give the user the opportunity to compare prices of used stuff with those of new products – also over boarders. If you live in Switzerland it is relevant for you to see ads from Austria and so on. If a person wants to buy a used Louis Vuitton bag prices in France will be relevant since these products are cheaper over there.

How has Wakazaka been welcomed in the different regions so far?

Stenberg: Feedback has been good so far. Both in France and China we have recently noticed a growth in traffic. Our company is quite new and we have just started up the marketing. We are preparing a stock listing at the moment. The money we get from investors will be used in the marketing. This service is needed and there is a demand for it on the market.

What are your key markets?

Stenberg: The growing markets will be the most important ones, especially China and Russia, but also India and Indonesia where we hope to launch Wakazaka as soon as possible. In these regions we can establish Wakazaka as a leading actor and grow with the market. The compensation for traffic generation grow rapidly in those countries. The important thing with this kind of service is that the users are set to buy something. Therefore they are more likely to click on commercial ads than users of social community sites like Facebook or Twitter. These ads will be targeted towards the specific needs of the users.



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