Brothers Marc and Oliver Samwer financed the job portal, which launched in November. The brothers have made themselves a name in Germany as savvy start-up investors in recent years, with investments in, among others, ringtone vendor Jamba!, rental portal Erento and student social network StudiVZ. In 2008 they invested in Facebook.




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<span style=”color: #374bc7;”><strong>Want to know more about <a title=”Become a Client” href=””>becoming a client</a>?</strong></span> lists jobs for professionals, academics and senior management. According to ECareer founder and managing director Pierluigi Ferrari, the portal went live with 19,000 listed jobs all offering annual remuneration packages above €50,000. This relatively high number (for Germany) was achieved thanks to the fact that companies and personel agencies are not charged to list jobs, Ferrari said.

Germany’s biggest job portals (eg., and all charge employers for listing jobs and give jobseekers free access to their job boards. Berlin-based entered the market in direct opposition to the job portal, owned by media company Georg von Holtzbrinck. Both portals charge jobseekers for access to headhunters registered on the portals and both list high-paying jobs only. Experteer lists jobs above €60,000 per year.

One difference: On Experteer non-paying job-seekers get access to only 20 percent of all jobs 14 days after they are listed. On non-paying members have full access to the job board 14 days after jobs are listed. On both portals premium members see all jobs immediately.

Another (small) difference: the cost of premium memberships. Experteer charges €29.50 for a 1-month membership and lower amounts for longer membership contracts. The lowest is €9.50 per month for an 18-month contract. In contrast, ECareer charges €17.00 per month for a 3-month contract, €12,00 per month for a 6-month contract and €9.00 per month for a 12-month contract.

Ferrari expects ECareer’s semantic search function to give him a competitive advantage over Experteer. The semantic search was developed in-house and shows jobseekers jobs on the basis of the career goals and work experience entered on their profiles. Ferrari is joined in the senior management team by Christopher Muhr.


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