Directly prior to this week’s auto manufacturers’ reports of U.S. 2009 auto sales and the detailed view of auto industry experts in our annual auto report for the 2010 outlook, J.D. Power & Associates predicted double-digit sales increases year over year in its report on new vehicle retail sales.

After gathering data from nearly 9000 franchisees across the U.S., J.D. Power & Associates reported its expectation for substantial increases and the continuation of the auto industry’s recovery.  According to the auto research firm, new-vehicle sales for December will be reported at 839,600 units, which would make the annual sales 9.1 million units. December 2009 numbers will probably exceed December 2008 by 7 percent, with fleet sales drop-off of 10 percent hurting overall progress.
“The market is continuing to improve, with the relative strength of December sales supporting a year-end rally,” said Gary Dilts, SVP of global automotive operations at J.D. Power and Associates, in the announcement. “The December selling rate is tracking at 11.2 million units—up nearly 1 million units from one year ago—which sets up 2010 for further recovery.”

Ford has just reported a 33 percent increase in sales for December, and the first increase in annual market share since 2001. reported that “the auto industry ended its worst year in memory with its best month of the year, according to early sales results from several major automakers.” In addition to Ford’s end-of-the-year good news Chrysler, although dropping year over year 4 percent, realized a month to month increase in December of 36 percent. Nissan increased its sales both annually and monthly, with respective jumps of 18 and 30 percent. Other manufacturers have yet to report for the year.

The auto advertising industry, and the publishers who benefit or suffer from its health, are the extensive subjects of our annual report on the future of auto advertising, due out to clients January 7.


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