Online real estate broker Sawbuck Realty just launched what it says is the first location-aware mobile real estate search Web site. The new mobile site determines where the consumer is via the GPS on her or his Web-enabled phone, and delivers local homes for sale to the consumer on the smart phone. Searches can be refined, favorites saved, and those recently viewed can be accessed later.

Sawbuck mobile has launched in Baltimore, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles/San Diego metro, San Francisco and Washington, DC.

We tried it ourselves, logging on to It search for our location, at the same time asking if we wanted all listings or just the open houses. We were prompted to indicate our price range and whether we wanted to look for detached homes, condos or townhouses. We then learned that the service wasn’t yet available in our area but the mobile site easily took us to, where we could search the local Sawbuck listings.

Here’s the original announcement.

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