Mobile classifieds coming of age, finally

18 Jan 2010

Buying holiday presents on your mobile phone: There's an app for that (and 300 percent more people used it in 2009).

By Dave LaFontaine

The long-predicted mobile revolution in classified ads may be upon us - EBay reported a 300 percent increase in sales generated by its mobile apps, and research from Compete shows consumers surprisingly willing to buy big-ticket

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Dave Lafontaine

Dave LaFontaine is AIM Group director for Latin America. He has more than 20 years of experience as a journalist, editor and multimedia producer. He is a videographer who has worked for ABC’s PrimeTime and as managing editor for He is also a blogger and entertainment writer who has worked for a number of tabloid and specialty publications. He has served as managing editor of the Caracas Daily Journal, and worked as an editor and reporter in Latin America. He writes about interactive media for the Newspaper Association of America, World Association of Newspapers and others. He is based in Los Angeles.