TrueCar, Inc., a new car pricing firm, and HomeNet Automotive, an automotive inventory online marketing company, just announced a partnership to deliver new-car pricing data and window-brochure functionality  to auto dealers who use HomeNet’s flagship Inventory Online (IOL) Internet Marketing Suite.  Currently, these clients represent 43 percent of all U.S. new car inventory.

“Our pricing tools will help IOL users price their new car inventory based on real market conditions, including what area dealers charged for a similar vehicle in the last 30 days,” said Scott Painter, CEO of TrueCar, in the announcement. “We are excited to team up with HomeNet to bring dealers that level of market intelligence. The better dealers know how to buy and sell inventory, the better their competitive advantage.”

Once the launch is complete, the collaboration will enable advanced analytical tools for data on automotive inventory, auto transactions and vehicle production.

Over 15,000 pricing reports are generated each day on and its network of syndication partners such as US News Autos and Vehix. 

For additional HomeNet news, see our story on its collaboration, and its CarFax team up.

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