As a long-time supporter of St. Jude’s Hospital, recently closed its 2008 end-of-year fund raising campaign for the hospital, while driving listings to its Web site. The basic idea for the November/December campaign was a request of each advertiser that she or he donate $5 to St.Jude’s Hospital, for which she’d be allowed to upload eight additional photos of the vehicle for sale. More than 8000 sellers did just that, bringing in over $40,000 for the hospital.

What a good way to earn money for a good cause, brand your site and firm as a good neighbor, and perhaps bring in incremental revenue while promoting your own product.

Here are all the details, and some information on how has helped St.Jude’s in the past.

UPDATE: We talked by e-mail with an spokesperson. Here are the two questions we asked and his response:

Q: Was there site or other promotion that told potential advertisers that now was the time to list their car because they could also give to a good cause? Or did they just find this out when they went to post the listing?

A: Customers found out about the opportunity when they got into the Private Seller area; there wasn’t a specific promotion for this on the site. We did have the house ads for St. Jude running throughout, but those were just generic ads with a link back to St. Jude.

Q: Was there any indication that new advertisers and/or more sellers listed during this time period?

A: Again, the answer is no, though really, we weren’t expecting an increase in traffic either.  This was more about being a good corporate citizen than any specific attempt to increase private seller traffic, though we’re sure there was some “good feeling” passed along to those private sellers who participated.

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