The January 2010 Employment Index, which measures managerial recruitment activity online, dropped 3.1 points to 70.8 in January from 73.9 in December.  Positive stats turned up in Baltimore, San Francisco and Nashville, however, where increases were 11 percent, 9 percent and 9 percent respectively. 

 “The January Index is up 9.1 points from a year ago, which is good news given that it averaged more than 30 points below 2008’s numbers throughout 2009,” said Jay Martin, COO, JobSerf, in the announcement. “The Index has been relatively stable since the early Fall, but does not seem to be able to make progress from its current plateau.”

Baltimore and San Francisco tied for the largest overall gain of six points this month, while Nashville and Indianapolis each jumped by three points. Louisville gained two points. Pittsburgh suffered the most, dropping 13 points. Other states hard-hit were Boston, Atlanta, DC, Cleveland and New York.

“Overall, the Index has been fairly stable for the past 5 months,” said Tony Lee, publisher, “The first few months of 2010 should give us a good indication of whether a real hiring rebound will take hold this year.”

 The Employment Index is an exclusive barometer showing the change in managerial job openings posted online nationally. The Index reveals the differences in job listings by month, and offers valuable trends and forecasts using proprietary employment data hand-counted by a team of researchers.

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