After saying, in its recent Q409 earnings call, that it would lower fees and that it did some of that already, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that EBay just announced changes to its seller fee structure.

Here are the details of the seller options, what EBay is calling its “lowest prices ever”:

1.  New “eBay everyday” standard rates: List auction-style free, and pay only if it sells (perfect, it says, if you sell occasionally)

    * List up to 100 items a month auction-style free—no Insertion Fees. You must start the bidding under $1, however;
    * If the item sells, pay nine percent of the winning bid, not to exceed $50;
    * Pay 50 cents to list the time in Fixed Price; final value fees remaining as they have been.
2.  Subscription packages: fixd prices starting at 3 cents (for sellers with 50+ monthly listings)

    * List in Fixed Price for 3¢ and up
    * Free photos
    * Deeply discounted auction fees

CNET talked to EBay sellers, whose opinion of the changes were divided. One new seller protested the nine percent flat rate, saying that this was an increase from what’s now in place – 8.75 percent for the first $25, and 3.75 percent after that.

Here’s the EBay announcement.