Sundrop Systems, Inc., creator of loyalTXT, the card-less loyalty solution we introduced you to back in November, just announced the new Txt-To-Go Mobile Ordering, initially for restaurants. Now restaurant patrons can place food pick-up orders with their favorite restaurants via text message.

With Txt-To-Go, patrons text in their desired order to Txt-To-Go, and Sundrop delivers the order to the restaurant and confirmation back to the patron.  The service redelivers the order to the restaurant and sends a confirmation number back to the patron. If the restaurant has questions, contact is made via the customer’s mobile number or via Sundrop’s companion two-way text paging service.

Customers can also pre-register their favorite meals online with the Txt-To-Go service, and register a merchant gift card so payment is made prior to pickup. Restaurants using Txt-To-Go can set up specials so customers can elect to order them digitally.

The service is available in Canada, the United States and the UK. Here’s more on the product, including a free 30-day trial offer.