Scott Golembiewski, founder of Detroit Turbo, a high-performance auto parts merchandise site, launched TuneyFish on his own dime. It’s taking off slowly, as he hasn’t marketed it yet, but the how-to car repair videos are helpful and informative, and he plans on adding content soon.

While it’s new we wanted to give you a brief glimpse – especially if you’re not car-repair savvy, you’d like to know how to save yourself a little money in this horrible economy, or you’re an automotive vertical publisher looking for content.

While he hasn’t brought any advertisers onto the site as yet, Golembiewski hasn’t tried to either. “I’m looking to sell ads but I understand the need for high traffic to make that worthwhile ” he said. “I know without traffic there’s little chance that advertisers would be attracted to this.”

The site is getting about 6000 unique visits each month. Ads will run on the bottom of each video. Right now, you can see a sample, as his Detroit Turbo is advertising on each of the approximately 300 videos on TuneyFish.

Site features now include lots of social aspects, with forums and a community that includes profiles. How-to video submissions are encouraged, and Golembiewski is soliciting content writers and videographers. Once you register (at no charge) for the site you’ll see the invitation.

Golembiewski would welcome conversations with traditional publishers and broadcasters about collaboration.