has added an automotive forum to its new and used car search Web site to help connect site members. They can now learn from each other about car purchases and features, share common interests and voice their opinions about vehicles and the buy and sell process. The forum can be easily accessed from or directly. 

“Consumers put a lot of effort into researching and deciding which car they want to buy,” said Nicole Case, GM of, in the announcement. “As we’ve built our site, we’ve focused on adding the resources and information to help car buyers make their decision more quickly and easily. We started with the fundamentals in our car research and tools sections. Next, we added the blog so we could share the latest auto news and trends. Now, we’ve added the forum as a way to connect consumers to other consumers so they can benefit from each other’s insights and experiences with cars and car buying.”

To post on the forum requires a simple free registration, which also enables vehicle searches, CarMatch alerts and comment capability.

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