HomeNet Automotive, inventory management and marketing site for the auto industry, just announced its expansion of Carfax information to its online users.  Inside HomeNet’s Inventory Online (IOL) Internet Marketing Suite, visitors that purchase Carfax Vehicle History Reports see Carfax 1-Owner cars clearly identified and can sort their inventory list by ownership history. Visitors can limit their search to those that are 1-owner-listed with Carfax, and obtain free Carfax reports as a result. (It should be noted that this is not an infallible list, as Carfax “estimates” the number of vehicle owners based on the vehicle’s historic records.)

“It’s clear that the public loves having access to Carfax reports,” said Andy McBride, VP of bizdev for HomeNet Automotive, in the announcement. “For shoppers who express concerns about pre-owned vehicle histories, the dealer can easily find all the cars on the lot with 1-Owner reports and eliminate that objection.”

“Studies prove that Carfax 1-Owner cars sell faster and for more money,” said Larry Gamache, communications director at Carfax. “On average, more than half of a dealer’s inventory consists of Carfax 1-Owner cars.”

In January, HomeNet Automotive also announced a partnership with TrueCar for auto pricing tools.