Dubizzle.com growth in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia online marketplace

06 Aug 2011
Dubizzle.com classified portal has expanded its services to facilitate user’s ads in Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.Dubizzle.com Kuwait has been increasing by over 60% and 400,000 page views monthly and over 2,000 listings from Kuwait were added to the site in one month, from individual, real estate, automotive and recruitment companies.Dubizzle.com in Saudi Arabia has been increasing by over 3,000,000 m

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Talal Abu Issa

Talal Abu Issa has been working with the AIM Group since 2007. He has followed developments in interactive media and classified advertising in the Middle East and Europe, and has participated in several research projects. He works with a global telecoms provider in Jordan as a project manager, primarily on mobile and GSM projects. He has more than 10 years of experience in IT, including four in telecom applications and six in Web-based applications, along with software life-cycle issues. He is based in Dubai.