By Christo Volschenk
CareerBuilder, one of America’s biggest job portals, has made a small (but not insignificant) adjustment to its growth strategy in Europa.

The news did not reach us directly from CareerBuilder, but indirectly via Marc Drees, editor of RecruitmentMatters, a blog reporting on developments in the Dutch recruitment sector.

Under the headline “Has CareerBuilder secretly left the Netherlands?” he reported (look here) about the departure of Wouter Goede, managing director of , and the decision of CareerBuilder in the U.S. not to appoint a replacement for Goede, but transfer management responsibility of the Dutch business to CareerBuilder in the U.K..

We asked Drees about the report. He said Mr. Goede told him the expense side of the budget is being trimmed. That’s why no replacement will be appointed and management responsibility was transferred to the U.K.. Goede also told Drees a tight budget is behind CareerBuilder’s decision to focus their efforts and resources on the bigger markets in Europe in the short-term (eg. Germany, France and U.K.).

In practice, this means some resources will be withdrawn from the smaller markets (such as The Netherlands, Belgium) and redirected to the bigger markets. The budget squeeze for smaller countries will most likely continue until the European economy rebounds, Goede told Drees.

To get a better foothold in Germany, CareerBuilder bought German job portal for an undisclosed amount in September. At the time we filed this report.

Roy van Beek and Bart Tempera Leal, two salesmen, have since also jumped ship, reported Drees. The two joined, the Dutch subsidiary of  Munich-based job portal Experteer. According to Drees, recently launched a market share drive in the Dutch market.

* For a good comparison of CareerBuilder’s American business vs. international (including European) business, go here.  It’s a German article, but you should be able to read the charts (the important part).