Among the big two recruiting classifieds sites in Canada – Workopolis and Monster – which is the better deal for recruiters looking to post their classified ads? According to Stafflink, an IT headhunter in Toronto, Monster wins the duel.

Stafflink had been using Workopolis to post jobs, but last month began evaluating Monster (a freebie of 7 postings in a month at no cost helped grease the wheel) and has now switched over entirely. Cost seems to be the primary reason: Workopolis charges $750/job for a 30-day period, while Monster is $725/job for two months. For packages of 5-9 jobs, the gap is even larger: it’s $655 a job at Workoplis but only $550 at Monster.

Stafflink also liked Monster’s customer service better and said the quality of the applicants were better, although they were clear to say that this was based on only a small sample.

In terms of social media, both sites were highly active, with Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Foursquare feeds. Stafflink praised Monster’s BeKnown Facebook app, but that wasn’t a reason in and of itself to switch.

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