The JobRapido acquisition may have grabbed the headlines but Evenbase is clearly also muscling up in many other areas.

Evenbase (previously the Jobsite group of companies) has a strong background in software development courtesy of Broadbean, the multi-posting software specialist it owns. Now it is launching a new white label solution with the intriguing promise that not only is it entirely customisable, and free to set up and use but backed by the Jobsite name and network since jobs posted to your site are visible across the Jobsite network.

Talking to CIR Cheryl Morgan, Jobsite’s Brand and Communications Manager explains the reasoning behind the launch in terms of expanding the company;

“JobsiteWhite delivers both revenue and partnership opportunities – two key objectives for the recently launched Evenbase. It also responds to a need in the market as Jobsite have had many approaches from smaller organisations who want to add a job board to their site but aren’t operating on the scale that suits the bespoke solutions that Jobsite build for the likes of the National Health Service and Northcliffe.”

Morgan presents it as a win-win for both sides since it “complements & enhances sites within the Job Boards division of Evenbase through the jobs sharing element. It means a greater number of vacancies for candidates registered with Jobsite, especially in specialist niche markets, and it helps generate more quality applications for Jobsite clients.”

The revenue is set to come from JobsiteWhite partners selling vacancies rather than charging them a fee for the technology itself – a move that may cause ripples amongst some of the more established white label providers not least since Jobsite is pointedly using its reach to enhance the appeal. As Morgan puts it; “Jobs that are posted directly on the JobsiteWhite sites are also made available on Jobsite, and relevant sites in their network, which means access to more candidates and a greater chance of finding the right person for the job.”


Naturally it also helps Jobsite expand its reach into more niche areas by bringing recruiters to its door that might previously have considered the white label approach to be beyond their reach.

JobsiteWhite launches later this month


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