We’re in love with our cars – that’s nothing new. But now we learn that what car we drive makes us feel more appealing, too.

The data comes from a new survey conducted on behalf of Canada’s AutoTrader.ca. It found that more than one in three Canadians report that driving a sexy car makes them feel personally more attractive. That number includes almost 40 percent of women and close to 50 percent of Canadians under the age of 35. (We’ll leave the question of why AutoTrader.ca polled over 1,500 Canadians on the subject – and why so many responded – for another column.)

The survey drilled down deeper and found that a full 61 percent of Canadians admitted they would walk away from purchasing a car if it wasn’t the right color. Forty-one percent believe people should drive cars that match their personality. And one in five Canadians go as far as to say that people should drive cars that match their appearance.

And if you’re now starting to play the “what would that celebrity drive” game, AutoTrader.ca has got you covered. The survey found that, of the following high profile Canadians, Ryan Gosling would drive a Ford Mustang, Shania Twain would behind the wheel of a BMW, and Pamela Anderson would have a Porsche 911.

As with any study of this type, the real aim was to promote an AutoTrader.ca product, in this case the company’s “autoLYZER,” a Facebook app that searches AutoTrader.ca to find the top three cars for sale that match the user’s personality and lifestyle, based on data the app user has (willingly) agreed to share with AutoTrader.ca.

The “autoLYZER” product (what’s with that crazy capitalization?) addresses another point AutoTrader.ca confirmed in its survey – that 64 percent of Canadians say they would seek out advice from friends and family when looking for a car – exactly what Facebook excels at.

One more piece of data AutoTrader.ca felt compelled to share with us: despite how sexy a car can make one feel, 71 percent of Canadians said they were “not in love” with their current ride.

Grounds for divorce? AutoTrader.ca would like to be your lawyer and matchmaker rolled into one.

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