By Peter Zollman , with contribution by Sharon Hill

Is BranchOut, the Facebook app that’s designed as a LinkedIn-wannabe for professional networking and recruiting, collapsing? Marc Drees says the company, which has raised more than $49 million, has lost a “staggering” number of users in both daily and monthly counts, and is “just a loudmouth brat with nothing to show.”

Drees writes on, a recruiter networking site, that BranchOut’s numbers have fallen off a cliff. (Though we’ve heard a considerably different story, and will be discussing that in an upcoming CIR.)

“BranchOut has peaked and is now returning back to earth at a neck-breaking pace. However, it is possibly not too late to start focusing on bringing actual value to registered users instead of focusing on media appearances,” Drees says, mocking BranchOut CEO Rick Marini for his presentations about the app’s growth.

 … The only number that tells us anything about the relevancy of the service is the number of users actually using it. And as of yesterday that number stands at 55,000 [in daily average users]. Or in other words, a whopping 0.14 percent of registered users. That’s massively lower than LinkedIn! And this incredibly low engagement figure would also immediately explain the head-scratching of pundits wondering where the value of BranchOut lies. And this number is may be much lower if we assume that the actual percentage of returning users within that DAU number is lower than 50 percent.  Much lower.”

Interesting reading. What he didn’t talk about,  however – and which might be having some negative impact on BranchOut traffic –  is the recent Monster integration of BeKnown socialization on ( See  CIR 13.10, May 23.)  Click through for more from  if you follow LinkedIn or BranchOut; stay tuned to CIR for more as well.