Palo Alto, Calif. — Zypline Services, Inc., an Internet application developer, announced today that it has released its new product, ZypPages, a unique and powerful value add for classified advertisers.

There are millions of classified ads printed daily around the world and a review of any local newspaper shows that the majority of local ads do not list a web site, only a telephone number. Readers would certainly prefer more information before making that telephone call to an advertiser and ZypPages makes this possible.

Simple, Instant Internet Display for Classified Advertisers

ZypPages is a simple system that uploads any document directly from any computer, in any format, and establishes the owner’s mobile phone number as the online connection link. The document or file can be a business or personal profile, daily luncheon specials, new hours of operation or any other announcement — and it can be changed anytime.

As a result, anyone with a mobile — sole proprietors, small businessmen, tradesmen, professionals, et al – can have an instant, online presence without the expense and maintenance of a website. There is no domain to create or buy, no need for technical support, no need to rely on anyone else, no need to conform to any process.

Newspaper Category Listings Match Shoppers’ New Behavior

ZypPages shatters the inherent confines of the printed classified format. It gives a classified ad a link that expands into detailed information.

The traditional local marketplace listings in a newspaper are organized in categories, which along with short descriptions of the service are the equivalent of a “search results page”. By just using the advertiser’s mobile telephone number printed in the classified ad, a potential customer can obtain detailed information about an advertiser’s services from the uploaded document. A bit of back to the Future – “Let Your Fingers Do the Searching”™

Local Classified Ad Signals Business is Active

“Someone who places an ad in a local newspaper has an active business,” CEO of Zypline, Ray Kasbarian indicated, “and readers know it’s just not a static listing on an online aggregated directory which oftentimes has stale information”. In most cases, a well-structured one-page business profile is all that is needed for a prospect to make the decision to call the business.

Partner with Print Classified Publishers

ZypPages does not offer an online advertising service; it is not an alternative to printed classified ads; rather it is an enhancement to the existing process. It makes classified advertisements more valuable and increases the likelihood that the reader will utilize the service advertised. ZypPages is working with publishers and local newspapers to develop partnership strategies for this new dual-media (cross-media) market.

All Small Contractors Have Mobiles

ZypPages provides a major benefit to the small contractor, the local gardener, the stay-at-home worker, or more importantly, the millions of people around the world who make a living as sole proprietors, particularly in developing countries. These people currently cannot easily use the power of the Internet in their marketing efforts and rely on posters, flyers and other local advertising for making announcements regarding their business or personal activities.

It is worth noting that the world population is now 7 billion, but “only” 2.3 billion are on the internet; in contrast, there are over 6 billion existing mobile phone subscriptions. Practically, every small contractor or service provider worldwide has a mobile telephone, but the majority do not have web sites. ZypPages enables them to use the power of the Internet without the need to go through the effort and expense of building a web site.

About Zypline

Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Zypline provides a connection-engine communications platform for personal brands and their customers. It instantly delivers target pages without unnecessary search and navigation steps. The Company is developing many applications built around its breakthrough patent pending, one-step, connection engine platform that links Proprietary Digital Indexes™ (Personal, Corporate, and Agency) to profiles and other data.

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