Around here, we like to call Craisglist copycats YACLW’s (for “Yet Another Craigslist Wannabe”). In keeping with our penchant for acronyms, Carsmosis warrants the moniker of a YAACS (“Yet Another Automotive Classified Site”). With plenty of car sites out there, we have to ask what Carsmosis (don’t forget the first “s” in the URL) thinks it has to offer. The answer: a mish mash of potentially useful features.

The site serves both as a bulk poster to social media sites (you list a car on Carsmosis and they push it out to Facebook, Twitter and 200 other sites, most notably and a destination site for automotive reviews, questions and answers. The value for the former is clear enough; we don’t give Carsmosis a lot of potential for bringing consumers in to browse its own site for vehicle listings, though.

The site was founded by Toronto-based Paul Chesher and, by including both the “U.S.” and “Canada” in its FAQ, hints at a Canadian origin story.

Listings appear for 25 days at no cost before Carsmosis pulls them. Sellers can re-post for another 25 days indefinitely. Premium listings start at $5.95. The site says there is a white label option, sloppily misspells it as “lable.” There is also a Lorem Ipsum review on the home page.

Which gives us the opportunity to write something we’ve wanted to for years: “Dude, where’s my car?” Probably not at Carsmosis.