Online classifieds overtake print in France

10 Oct 2012
2011 was officially the year when Internet small ads overtook print in France according to a study released today by the Xerfi institute of economics.The institute estimates the online small ad market as being worth 669 million euros last year, against 645 million for the printed press.Xerfi observes that; "While online classifieds leaped by 17 per cent last year, print advertising shrank

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Steve Shipside

Steve Shipside has been a technology and business journalist since 1990. He has written for numerous daily newspapers (Guardian, Times, Telegraph etc.), websites (including the BBC), and TV (he was a presenter for the Blue Chip business program on Sky TV). Over the years he has written just about everything from celebrity chef interviews for Healthy Eating magazine to Spice Girls profiles for French fashion magazine Citizen K. His specialty, however, is communications and marketing, which is a subject that he covered extensively for Wired as well as trade titles Campaign, Ads International, and Revolution. He has also published books on e-marketing (Capstone), presentations (Dorling Kindersley), communicating effectively (DK), and CVs (Dummies guides). He is based in Paris and London and writes news, features, and analysis on the U.K. and French markets for the AIM Group, as well as training French newspaper journalists in the dark arts of social media.