In other Kijiji news this week, Canada’s leading free classified website announced a major deal with Postmedia to power the Canadian newspaper publisher’s used vehicle classified listing pages. The new partnership follows on Postmedia’s switch last year in the recruitment classified space from its own in-house product to using Workopolis as the job engine on all 10 of its daily newspaper websites – see our article here.

In the Workopolis deal, the former Postmedia brand “” was retired and a Workopolis URL is now being used. For cars, Postmedia is retaining, its current web presence. Visitors who click on the “Driving” classifieds link on The National Post or The Vancouver Sun, for example, still go to, but now there is a colorful link to “Kijiji Autos Classifieds (New)” in the menubar as well as a second prominent button reading “Shop Kijiji Autos used cars.” These open Kijiji’s familiar interface, but with as the main branding across the top.

The deal only covers used vehicles. A link for “Shop for a new car” still opens Postmedia’s own dealer-centric service. But the reason for shifting to Kijiji is clear in this comment from Wendy Desmarteaux, senior vice president at Postmedia, who said that “the new used car classifieds sites give audiences more than double the used car listings.” Given that Kijiji has 150,000 vehicles listed, that means that there were only 75,000 or so used vehicle listings on the old By contrast, lists 231,000 used vehicles.

Working with Kijiji will also give Postmedia readers access to Kijiji’s mobile experience, although so far there’s no link to that on the site.

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