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Kevin Bartel, director of bizdev at Doostang, the recruitment service that bought JobFox, just told the AIM Group that  the once-vibrant JobFox is “pretty much dismantled.”

“We acquired it for its assets but as far as job alerts go that is going through a separate platform now – we’re not really managing the JobFox site,” Bartel said. “We’ll probably eventually take it down.”

Doostang has brought back some of the JobFox resume writers, and has just launched its resume service, though branded as Doostang Resume Hub. There hasn’t been a huge push to market it yet, and, in fact, we couldn’t find any promotion or access on the Doostang site, until we “joined” Doostang. Yes, some of those unpaid JobFox writers have returned to the fold.

“They had a pretty sad exit,” Bartel said. “The CEO of the last company was not very good to a lot of people. We retained some of them but a lot of them got screwed out of some money.”

doostang resume hub

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