, which calls itself Canada’s largest student job board, has acquired fellow Canadian startup Fanfare for an undisclosed sum.

Fanfare is an employment network that works with colleges and universities to help students land entry-level jobs and internships. It’s been operating in Toronto since 2010 and the site’s founders are recent college grads themselves who readily admit they had difficulty finding jobs directly out of school. Taking a squeeze from the old lemons to lemonade cliché, they made their own jobs by starting a company. The acquisition, though probably small potatoes (to borrow another well-worn fruit and vegetable saying) should put a few extra spuds on the founders’ respective dinner plates. is online arm of Jobpostings Magazine, a national career lifestyle magazine in Canada, also aimed at post-secondary school students. The magazine, which has been printed for 40 years now, reaches a hundred schools across Canada. Jobpostings’ parent company publishes a few other print magazines as well, including (Dis)Ability for students with disabilities and the Grad School Planning Guide. The site is full of content from the magazine plus thousands of student-oriented job listings. The site’s Facebook page currently has more than 16,000 “likes.”

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