Worst U.S. job, newspaper reporter; best job, actuary, says CareerCast

23 Apr 2013
CareerCast just came out with its 2013 Jobs Rated Report, in which it ranks hiring outlook, work environment, income and stress factor of jobs in the United States.  The lowest-ranked job is that of a newspaper reporter, with a six percent loss of opportunity for this type of work since 2012, and projected annual income of only $36,000.For the 25th year, the report also provides a brief job de

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Jim Townsend

Jim Townsend, editorial director and a principal of the AIM Group, is a career journalist, consultant and interactive media pioneer with more than 35 years of experience in news management. Townsend joined the AIM Group in 2001 as an analyst and consultant and became a part-owner in 2003. He is based in Houston. He leads a global team of analysts who report media industry trends in North and South America, Europe, India, Asia, Australia and other countries in the Pacific Rim.