Picky vehicle shoppers have a new resource called CarMatch, which, for a fee, will listen to the consumer’s specific needs and make recommendations on the best three vehicles for her. Depending on his choice of CarMatch package, the buyer can also ask one to three questions, and perhaps get links to third-party site reviews for the vehicle, and have follow-up email communication with CarMatch. Pricing starts at $14.95.

We have to wonder, however,

 with all the transparency available on numerous vehicle listing and review sites – some even including virtual test drives – how many consumers would really pay for personalized service such as this sample report.  The site also failed to convince us of its expertise – it really needs to better showcase the experience of those making recommendations, and the processes they use to make their determinations.

What additionally puzzles us is that the firm is called CarMatch, the domain CarMatch.com is for sale, yet the site’s URL is CarMatcher.com.  That’s a traffic stumbling block.

CarMatch’s best road to success might well be to collaborate with one of the major auto listing sites, offering its service to their online shoppers, or perhaps even their dealers.

Here’s the launch announcement:

Car Match Offers Car Shoppers Innovative New Service Providing Personalized Car Buying Advice

Breaking the mold of the traditional car buying guide, Car Match (http://www.CarMatcher.com) provides new and used car shoppers with tailored advice in written reports to help them choose the car, SUV or truck model that best meets their individual needs.

Car Match’s philosophy is to match each shopper to their perfect car.

Choosing a car is a big decision, Car Match’s new online service helps car shoppers make the right one!

New Jersey (PRWEB) July 26, 2013

Consumers can personalize just about any product or service from their morning coffee to their ringtone. Car shoppers, however, have been left to fend for themselves to wade through mass-produced auto buying guides. Car Match seeks to change that by providing customized car shopping advice written specifically for each unique car shopper.

Traditional car buying guides, magazines, and online tools lavish much attention on the car but, according to Car Match, treat the car shopper as an afterthought. They offer generic write-ups and reviews from the author’s perspective, and include confusing technical terms and jargon. Car Match flips the existing model on its head, putting the car shopper in the spotlight. Car Match’s in-house advisors work with car shoppers to learn each shopper’s unique wants and needs, and consider how the vehicle will be used. They then parse through the vast amounts of automotive information to recommend the car, SUV or truck models that best suit each customer. Car Match’s founder, Louis Sarok, explains that “truly useful car shopping advice can only be given when the individual customer’s needs are given top priority.”

How does Car Match work?

Car Match’s new online service makes auto experts available to each car shopper – It’s like having your own personal “car guy” walking you through the car shopping process. To use Car Match, car shoppers convey their automotive needs and desires to Car Match’s advisors by completing a short online questionnaire at http://www.CarMatcher.com. Car Match’s advisors then craft a custom report for each car shopper detailing which models, whether new or used, best suit them. The reports include not only recommendations, but also full explanations of why the recommended models are suitable and why other models were omitted. Depending on the Car Match package selected, Car Match also provides ongoing advice and support throughout the car buying process.

Car Shoppers’ Reaction.

Customers of Car Match have thus far been enthusiastic about the valuable information and personalized service they’ve received. One happy Car Match customer raves: “I’m grateful with Car Match’s help. We were initially overwhelmed by the number of SUVs available, but Car Match helped us sort through it all. We felt much more informed and confident speaking with dealers and we know we made the right choice with the SUV we purchased.” In addition to having a better handle on the right model, Car Match’s customers report feeling empowered to negotiate the best deals and feel in control of the buying process.

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