New academic research: Craigslist hurt newspapers. Badly. Several ways. All bad.

13 Aug 2013
A new academic research study into the effect of Craigslist on newspapers says the free-ad site drives down classified advertising rates, as you might expect, and also forces newspapers to cut display advertising rates; reduces circulation, and makes it less likely that a newspaper will put its content online. The research, by Robert Seamans of Stern School of Business at New York University an

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Peter M. Zollman

Peter M. Zollman brings more than 35 years of media experience to his role as founding principal of the AIM Group / Classified Intelligence Report. He has worked with a wide range of media companies, dot-coms, technology providers and start-ups to develop and expand successful interactive-media services. He is based in Altamonte Springs, Fla., near Orlando.