The New England Media Group, a New York Times Company subsidiary made up of The Boston Globe,, and the Worcester Telegram & Gazette, is about to lose its decade-long relationship with, according to Editor & Publisher magazine. Reporting a long-frosty relationship, E&P sources said that the Globe stands to lose 25 percent of its digital advertising revenue, which would come to approximately $10 million each year, if pulls out its auto listings.

New England Media Group used to be one of the owners of, but opted not to make a $200,000 payment when it came due a few years back, and that created hostility, sources told E&P.  In retaliation, they say that cut commissions to Globe sales reps.

In 2012 generated approximately half of its $44.3 million in digital advertising revenue from classifieds, E&P reported.  Auto classifieds accounted for around 67 percent of’s total classified revenue that year. was a “significant portion” of that auto revenue.

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