We’re not sure why, but Israel seems to have a surplus of startups that plug into social media to enable employee referrals. We’ve written before about Zao. Now it’s Tomigo’s turn. The six-person company recently signed the 1,200 employee Israeli branch of Perrigo, which makes private label over-the-counter pharmaceuticals as well as prescription drugs and nutritional products. Perrigo joins several other international clients for Tomigo, including Matrix, Credorax and Sapiens.

Tomigo (the name is a contraction of “to” and “amigo” – Spanish for “friend”) works by allowing employees to forward job openings via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Tomigo creates custom landing pages for companies and has a centralized dashboard for HR heads to manage incoming applications.

The company was founded by 28-year-old twin brothers Tal and Nimrod Moran, both of whom are severely hard of hearing (their first language was Israeli Sign Language). The brothers say that this sensitivity to the needs of a population that would have trouble hearing a recruiter calling over the phone led them to think about how to integrate visual social media into the recruiting process.

Tomigo is run as SAAS (software as a service) and licensing fees are based on the number of users and jobs. The company has 50 clients and raised money last year from the Tel Aviv Angel Group.

Tomigo’s service is very similar to Zao’s, although the latter to our thinking has a few more bells and whistles to distinguish it from an increasingly crowded social referral software space: for example, the Zao system can split financial rewards among multiple referrers (employees, ex-employees, vendors) – a nice incentive which Tomigo (or Jobvite, for that matter) doesn’t have.

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