No, it’s not a typo. That’s how this 2-year-old social recruiting website out of Israel spells its name. It’s now the third company we’ve seen recently out of “Silicon Wadi,” as the country’s booming hi-tech scene is called, doing essentially the same thing: allowing employers to find potential candidates by tapping into their employee’s Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter followers.

Each has its own slightly different spin: for example, Zao allows cash payments to be split among referrers. Tomigo is pretty bare bones. And the latest, GooodJob is trying to stand out by pushing its mobile app.

GooodJob’s app allows employees to search their employer’s job openings on their mobile devices and send unique trackable links to social media friends with a tap. Jobs can be posted while on the go, too. And employees can proactively send leads to their employers for the HR department to follow up on. GooodJob builds customized branded apps for its clients. Pricing starts at $2/employee per month. The company has a few very decent clients including Hilton Hotel, EMC, Sony PlayStation and Citibank.

The company’s director of marketing Shoshanna Silberman told AIM Group that the company’s aim is to “enable our customers to better engage their employees in their programs, providing them with the on-the-go access to which they are accustomed from their mobile devices.”

GooodJob is based in Israel but is aiming at the U.S. market. The mobile app is nice, but the video on the company’s home page explaining is one of the worst we’ve ever seen: VP of Sales Laurie Spieler sounds like he’s being recorded in an echo chamber or corporate restroom. If in the recruiting world, first impressions count, this aint it.

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