Kijiji’s partnership with Postmedia in Canada got a visual boost late last year with the re-design of, Postmedia’s online automotive news and reviews product.

In February, 2013, Postmedia jettisoned its homegrown used vehicle classified section in favor of a co-branded site with Kijiji. The deal covers just used; Postmedia is still handling its relationships with new car dealers and sells display ads around the site as a whole. Switching to Kijiji doubled the number of vehicles on from 75,000 to 150,000.

The new site has another double: “double the [editorial] content” of the previous version says Postmedia vice president of digital business Cole Reiken. He called the new site more of a “pivot” than a “re-launch.” is linked to Postmedia’s 10 Canadian publications, including the National Post and the Vancouver Sun. It calls on journalists across Canada to keep the feeling local.

Reiken says that one of the reasons for the re-design was a realization that’s users were increasingly engaging from tablets and smartphones and an admission that “we were behind on our old platform.” The new site is optimized for mobile use and emphasizes photo galleries, videos and road tests. There’s a slick glossy feel to the product which, unfortunately, does not extend to the used vehicle section powered by Kijiji – it’s prettier and more functional than a similar Craiglist list of cars, but not by much. reaches nearly 2 million Canadians weekly across all platforms, Reiken says. Comcast reports Postmedia’s total reach for all its online products at 6 million unique visitors a month.

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