Canadian classified recruitment leader Workopolis has done some deep data analysis on the kinds of jobs posted on the site. The result is an interesting New Year’s prediction on the fastest growing – and fastest declining – jobs for 2014. Let’s start with the bad news first: if you’re a “people greeter,” “photo lab association,” “head cashier,” “data entry clerk” or “courier,” you may want to be thinking about a career change. Fast forward ten years and Workopolis predicts that these five jobs won’t even exist: “taxi dispatcher,” “toll booth operator,” “retail cashier,” “word processor/typist” and “social media expert.”

That last one might surprise you: isn’t social media the hottest industry to be in these days? The problem, says Workopolis, is that “a new generation of young professionals who’ve grown up with Twitter and Facebook as part of their daily lives will soon be entering the job market.” At that point, social media skills will be considered core communication competencies like reading and writing, rather than unique areas of expertise.

Speaking of core competencies, Workopolis analyzed the resumes posted on the site and sees a number of keywords disappearing from the “skills” section of those CVs, including “switchboard,” “fax machine,” “Windows,” “QuarkXPress” and “bank deposits.” Taking their place: “applications,” “anti-virus,” “artificial intelligence,” “content management,” and several languages such as Chinese and Arabic.

Where should job seekers put their energies? Based on job postings, Workopolis predicts strong growth for “Financial advisor,” “financial service representative,” “field sales representative,” sales associate” and “social worker.” OK, we get the first four – Workopolis is bullish on anything having to do with money and sales – but social worker? Maybe for all the folks who’ve been downsized from their taxi, toll booth, and social media jobs.

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