As yet more evidence of the power of big data for real estate, distressed property giant RealtyTrac just launched its MEGA feature. MEGA enables targeted prospecting for seller agents.

RealtyTrac Launches Expanded Lead Generation Platform with Detailed Data on 188 Million U.S. Properties

MEGA Download Platform Includes Sale, Loan, Occupancy, Equity, Foreclosure Info;
Customers Create Targeted Marketing Lists from Daily Updated Real Estate Data

IRVINE, Calif. – Nov. 20, 2014 — RealtyTrac® (, the nation’s leading source for comprehensive housing data, today announced the launch of its expanded MEGA Lead Generation Platform allowing customers to mine RealtyTrac’s robust nationwide real estate data on more than 118 million U.S. properties and create targeted marketing lists in a convenient and intuitive online interface.

The new platform can be accessed at

“Previously our customers have been able to mine RealtyTrac’s proprietary foreclosure data to create targeted mailing lists of distressed property owners, a list already highly useful to a diverse set of industry verticals, including agents, brokers, investors and attorneys,” said Jamie Moyle, CEO at RealtyTrac. “But that dataset was frankly a drop in the bucket compared to what is available now. We’ve exponentially expanded the available universe of properties from around 1 million previously to more than 118 million now, and added scores of new property attributes to enable even more powerful lead filtering. This opens up myriad new marketing list applications for virtually every type of business looking to market its products and services to a specific subset of U.S. property owners.”

Free registration gives customers full access to the expanded MEGA Lead Generation Platform so they can create customized lists on the fly with the counts of available records updated in real time. Customers pay per property record downloaded, and can preview the number of records that match their criteria before downloading.

“Our customers have been clamoring for this expanded real estate dataset for quite some time, and we are extremely pleased to be able to provide it to them,” said Tyler White, director of data solutions at RealtyTrac. “Along with the data itself, the new platform incorporates dozens of filters to help customers precisely target the best candidates for their services, saving money on lead generation while increasing the response rate on their direct mail campaigns.”

Filters for creating targeted mailing lists:

  • Geography by state, county, city, zip code along with radius searches around a specific address or zip code. Customers can also specify a range of addresses on a specific street to target.
  • Property Type including general categories such as residential and commercial and sub-categories such as single family home, condo, multi-family, vacant land and much more.
  • Property Characteristics including the number of beds, baths, square footage, year built, lot size — even swimming pools are a filter.
  • Sales History and Details including the date and sales price for the most recent sale.
  • Loan and Lender Details allow customers to filter by number of open loans, loan type and loan position along with the name of the lender(s).
  • Equity Profile allows customers to filter by the amount of home equity.
  • Occupancy Status includes the categories of owner-occupied, non-owner occupied and vacant.
  • Owner Info and Location allows customers to filter by state, county, city or zip code where the owner is located as well as by owner name.
  • Foreclosure Status and Details include the ability to filter by the three categories of foreclosure: default (NOD, LIS), scheduled for auction (NTS, NFS) or bank owned (REO). Customers can also filter by name of owner in default, foreclosing lender, trustee or attorney responsible for the auction as well as the date and opening bid at the auction.
  • Bankruptcy Status allows customers to filter properties based on if the current homeowner has ever filed for bankruptcy and if the homeowner is still in active bankruptcy litigation.

“As the housing recovery takes hold and the distressed share of the market decreases, entrepreneurs are looking for new opportunities to contact homeowners who need a problem solved or a service provided,” said Brian Mushaney, executive vice president of data solutions at RealtyTrac. “We believe this expanded platform helps further our mission of providing more data to more people, and we’re excited to see how customers creatively utilize this data.”

Potential applications of the expanded platform

  • List Brokers can offer no-obligation record counts in real time, reviewing costs and record counts prior to purchase and eliminating previously purchased records for each client.
  • Real Estate Investors can target motivated sellers that match their personal investing strategy, whether those homeowners are in financial distress or in another situation that motivates them to sell soon.
  • Real Estate Agents and Brokers can quickly generate a list of homeowners who may be in a good position to sell or may need to sell soon.
  • Attorneys can find property owners in need of real estate legal assistance, targeting properties based on foreclosure status or by name of lender/servicer involved with the foreclosure.
  • Home Improvement and Repair companies can target owners of recently purchased properties that may be in need of rehab as well as investors who represent repeat customers.
  • Moving and Storage companies can target homeowners most likely to move in the near future based on foreclosure status and other factors, while also suppressing those properties that are already vacant.
  • Retail Services can target owners of recently purchased homes who may need the products and services they provide, and also homeowners with ample equity who may be good candidates for a big-ticket purchase.
  • Credit Repair companies can target distressed homeowners or homeowners who recently lost their property and may be in need of credit repair services, obtaining the forwarding address even if the homeowner has moved.
  • Insurance companies can target homeowners approaching their insurance renewal date and filter by property characteristics, equity and other factors that may identify the homeowner as a likely new client. 

About RealtyTrac
RealtyTrac is a leading supplier of U.S. real estate data, with nationwide parcel-level records for more than 130 million U.S. parcels — 118 million with addresses — that include property characteristics, tax assessor data, sales and mortgage deed records, Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) and 20 million active and historical default, foreclosure auction and bank-ownedproperties. RealtyTrac’s housing data and foreclosure reports are relied on by many federal government agencies, numerous state housing and banking departments, investment funds as well as millions of real estate professionals and consumers, to help evaluate housing trends and make informed decisions about real estate.

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