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Three years after its launch in Europe, Indeed, which claims to have 300,000 job ads in France, plans to seriously expand its market presence in the country.

The year 2014 was a strong one for the French operation of a U.S.-based job search engine, as it recorded triple-digit growth, according to Karim Jelatat, sales director for France currently based in Dublin. Jelatat, who recently started his job in Indeed’s France team, previously worked as sales director at Monster (LinkedIn profile available here). The Indeed office in Paris is currently being set up, with new appointments being made, according to French publication ExclusiveRH (article in French available here).

In 2014 Indeed.fr had 1.7 million unique visitors per month, according to Médiamétrie, with half of that traffic arriving from mobile sources. In terms of traffic, the site is the third largest job portal in France, following Pole Emploi with 5.5 unique monthly visitors and the jobs section of LeBonCoin with two million unique monthly visitors. It has also won several major customers, including Accenture, as well as several public institutions, such as the Army and the Ministry of Defense.

What matters for employers is Indeed’s tracking tool, allowing them to see the origin of CVs and select the best vacancy advertising options, said Jelatat.

Indeed is currently working on its mobile solution called Indeed Apply.