Last week German news magazine Focus Online got a new home inside the listed media group Hubert Burda Media, and with it the general classifieds search engine of Focus Online. launched in November last year with a massive 15 million classified ads aggregated from German classified platforms only. Then management said more classified platforms were being added to the aggregator. Today almost 17 million listings are aggregated from German classified sites.

We reported extensively about on Dec. 19 last year (here). It is Germany’s biggest stuff ads aggregator by far.

Focus Online and belong to Tomorrow Focus Publishing, which was a subsidiary of Tomorrow Focus AG until last week, when Burda Digital acquired Tomorrow Focus Publishing for €32.2 million.

The official motivation for the internal re-organization: to give Tomorrow Focus AG a clearer focus on its travel sites.

Burda Digital Holding (BD) is a division of the listed Hubert Burda Media. BD is probably best known for its business platform Xing, its partner search site ElitePartner, its medical doctor review site and its hotel review site HolidayCheck.

The move away from Tomorrow Focus AG to BD won’t have any consequences for the staff, nor for the senior managers – all will remain in the positions they had before the reorganization, BD said in a media statement.

There is strong evidence that is on a growth path. Earlier this month stats site, which measures desktop visits only, published the chart below. It shows strong visitor growth from zero in October last year to about 290,000 in February this year.

Chart Focus

Last year the management of said the aggregator might be included in the very popular news app of Focus Online, but to date that hasn’t happened.

The aggregator does have a mobile version. So, the SimilarWeb stats don’t show the complete picture.

Christo Volschenk

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