Funda gives independent rental agents access to platform

02 Jun 2015

The Netherlands’ No. 1 real estate site made a groundbreaking decision to open up the site for posting to independent agents (non-members of the owner association NVM) and other industry groups, but only on the rental market, the company said in a statement (available


Anastasia Gnezditskaia

Anastasia Gnezditskaia is a writer / analyst covering France, Benelux and Morocco. Originally from Moscow and now based in Antwerp, Belgium, she has a background working for trade publications covering markets and their regulation. With a doctoral degree in political economy from Central European University, she taught graduate and undergraduate courses at George Washington University in Washington, D.C., where she lived for 10 years. Following this she managed international development projects in Africa at the World Bank, and worked as a journalist covering Congress, federal government agencies and financial markets, including energy futures in North America.