Properati launches offices in Mexico

04 Nov 2015

mexicoLatin America’s real estate classifieds player Properati has launched its first offices in Mexico as part of the company’s expansion plans for the country. Despite not providing further details about the company’s new offices in Mexico City, Properati said it sees the Spanish speaking country as a key market.

“It will allow us to reach a market with over 110 million people, [which is] in constant growth, especially in the new constructions segment, which is Properati’s focus today. We are starting Properati Mexico commercial operations with over 200,000 real estate listings,” the company’s CEO, Gabriel Gruber said.

Properati’s new operation in Mexico will have the leadership of Héctor Mondragón, who has worked for over 20 years in sales and marketing, both offline and online, and has “extensive experience in multinational and startup companies.”

“We are aware of the high competitiveness the Mexican market has within the sector specialized in online real estate search, but there are many opportunities and strategies we are developing at Properati,” the executive said.

Properati is likely to face a strong competition from the country’s dominant players, including Navent’s Inmuebles24 and MercadoLibre’s MetrosCubicos. Second tier players, which will be Properati’s strongest competitors, at least in the beginning, as the company builds audience in Mexico, include Rocket’s Lamudi.

“Our concept is focused on finding the ideal customers for construction companies by using online strategies. Therefore, we are more efficient in handling the marketing and advertising budget of the company by generating qualified leads that match each of our clients’ real estate developments. Our goal is to position the Properati brand as a point of reference in real estate online search in Mexico, but above all, we want to facilitate the relationship between construction companies and people looking for a home or a profitable investment in the acquisition of real estate assets,” Mondragón said.

Properati said it has offices in Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. Combining all countries, Properati is said to have over 1 million real estate listings, 1 million monthly visits, over 200 customers, 40 employees, and has received over USD 3.5 million in investments.



Léo Siqueira

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