We already reported this, now it’s official: Ringier Axel Springer’s  Slovakian investment Azet.sk has founded a new subsidiary (United Classifieds s.r.o.) and is bundling it’s classifieds.

Effective December 1, 2015, Azet.sk, a company of Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia, transferred all its classifieds business, including 100% of Autovia s.r.o. and a 42.1% stake in Narks Infoservis a.s., into the newly founded subsidiary. Subsequently, the new company acquired all outstanding shares in Narks Infoservis a.s. – the operator of the real-estate classifieds portal reality.sk – from Akcionar s.r.o. and thereby became sole owner of reality.sk.

Furthermore, Akcionar, a company controlled by Penta Investments, invested in United Classifieds s.r.o., becoming a 40 percent shareholder as financial investor. Azet.sk will have sole operational control of United Classifieds s.r.o. Its General Manager will be Katarina Trnovcova, former Head of Classifieds and Small and Medium-sized Businesses at Azet.sk.

You find the full release here.

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