U.K. gets new real estate search engine

23 Feb 2016

Proptyle is a new, and free real estate search engine in the U.K.. Although it’s still in beta, and is yet to announce a launch date, it is already visible on the net.

The founders say the site is “unique”, describing it as a “hybrid property search engine”, which works like Google, but displays like a platform.

The site was developed by brothers Yash and Tej Patel, who work in the City in banking and telecommunications respectively.

The brothers say the site is already ahead of Zoopla in terms of the number of listings, and will soon overtake Rightmove.

“In terms of the area covered in the U.K., we are already ahead of Rightmove, since it doesn’t display properties in regions such as Northern Ireland, parts of Scotland and Wales, and Isle of Man, whereas we do.”

Agents may not know that their properties are on the platform. The listings are basically links to agents’ own websites. It is asking agents, who would actively like to be listed, for their website URLs, with the rest being handled by its web crawler.

Standard listings are free, with charges made for optional additional services, such as featured listings and listing-clicks statistics.

The brothers admit they may need funding to ramp up their marketing efforts, and are currently exploring options.


Lisa Walls-Hester