New GM drives mobile strategy at InfoJobs

26 Feb 2016

The appointment of a new general manager is set to unlock a fresh era at InfoJobs, Spain’s leading recruitment vertical, with more than 13 million desktop and mobile site visits per month, according to SimilarWeb.

The promotion of Dominique Cerri in Dec. 2015 to her new role at the Schibsted-owned platform is notable for several reasons: she is French, comes from a product and business development background, and InfoJobs was her first experience in the employment sector.

Dominique Cerri, new MD of InfoJobs in Spain

Dominique Cerri, new GM of InfoJobs in Spain

These three facts speak to Schibsted’s aspirations for Spain: an international outlook drawing on its European expertise; its dedication to product innovation; and a commitment to promoting talent internally.

Cerri joined Schibsted in 2010, after working in the telecom and mobile sectors in France, Morocco, Asia and Belgium. “Schibsted stood out for the way it managed the transition from paper to online classifieds,” she said.

Initially she worked on strategy and monetization. “It was the beginning of the freemium model for classifieds,” she said. “My job was to adapt the new business model and develop Schibsted’s international activities.” In 2014 Cerri moved to InfoJobs as head of strategy.

“The team has created even better products since she took charge,” noted Frode Nordseth, CEO of Schibsted Spain. “InfoJobs is one of the best-managed mobile transformations of Schibsted, and it now has twice as many app users as web users,” he added.

Maximizing mobileĀ 

Mobile is a key battleground in Spain, which boasts the world’s second-highest smartphone penetration (88 percent, according to Deloitte’s 2015 Mobile Consumer Survey). Cerri has overseen a leap in mobile usage. Mobile traffic has grown by 90 percent in the past 12 months, with 75 percent of total traffic coming via the app and mobile site.

“Like the transition from print to online classifieds, we’re seeing the change from web to mobile,” she noted. “People are looking for new opportunities and what they always have in their pocket is the mobile phone. It was up to us to adapt.”

The company spent “a lot of time and effort to beef up our mobile offering and product.” The result: over two million downloads, according to Cerri, a four-star-plus rating and positive reviews.

Improving user experience means a wider active candidate pool, and additional business opportunities for InfoJobs. In 2014 the company bought applicant tracking software E-Preselec from Infoempleo. Cerri said it has been integrated into InfoJobs’ business offering and is being commercialized.

The software, which is aimed at medium to large companies, helps manage and streamline the recruitment process. “Companies want to find a great candidate with good experience, within a few days. We have to offer them ways to quickly and easily post jobs, filter candidates, and manage the process,” said Cerri. “There is huge demand. We want to have 350-400 clients by the end of the year, allowing us to consolidate leadership in this area.”

Betting on Big Data

Big data is a crucial part of InfoJobs’ offering to both job seekers and corporate clients. The site has over eight million registered users, and more than 70,000 companies advertising jobs, giving it access to vast amounts of information.

“We use Big Data a lot. Firstly, to improve our filters and matching, and to give a better experience to both candidates and companies,” said Cerri.

The second way InfoJobs uses data, is to predict market trends. For example, there is an excess of demand in the tech sector in Spain, meaning great opportunities for qualified candidates. Knowing this, noted Cerri, reckons InfoJobs can promote the tech sector to candidates via its communications.

As the leader in the Spanish recruitment sector, InfoJobs relies heavily on word of mouth to promote its evolving offering. “Our users and clients are our best ambassadors,” according to Cerri. “Recommendations are our first source of communication.”

The site is always free to use for candidates, so revenue building is focused on adding and enhancing services to advertisers. InfoJobs offers a variety of advertising options, from simple paid listings to advanced services such as database searches; plus its fully integrated applicant tracking system for larger companies.

Cerri’s background and expertise is indicative of Schibsted’s approach to growth. Classifieds no longer exist on the back page, but are major players in peoples’ lives. They must develop accordingly, with an emphasis on user experience and smart business models that grow revenue, while providing excellent free services to consumers.


Cila Warncke

Cila joined AIM Group in 2014 as writer/analyst for Spain. An Anglo-American living in Ibiza, she brings extensive international writing and consulting experience to the role. Educated at University of Pennsylvania (BA) and Glasgow University (MLitt), she has worked for wide range of consumer and B2B publications and companies in Europe and the USA, writing on topics ranging from marketing to travel to music to ultra-marathoning. She uses her writing, research and analytical skills to help clients tell their stories, grow their business, reach new audiences, build loyalty and exploit new media channels. Cila is also an award-winning essayist, creative writer and founder of Creative Writing Ibiza.